Innovative Materials Solutions for Electronics



Jonathan Harris

Dr. Harris has played a leadership role in the advanced ceramic materials and electronic packaging industry over the past 20 years.

Dr. Harris is currently the President of CMC Laboratories, a materials analysis and consulting firm which specializes in helping clients develop new materials and optimize manufacturing processes to improve throughput and yield. CMC also has an engineering staff with broad experience in materials development and volume manufacturing requirements. CMC’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Prior to founding CMC Laboratories in 2003, Dr. Harris was President of CMC Wireless Components, a high thermal performance ceramic packaging company which served the telecommunications, optics, and medical industries. CMC Wireless Component’s core technology was the ceramic material aluminum nitride (AlN). CMC Wireless developed a wide range of technology which allowed the successful utilization of AlN in packaging applications. These technologies included: production of high thermal conductivity substrates, development of a co-fired multilayer AlN materials set, thick film post-fire metallization of AlN, thin film metallization of AlN, and plating of AlN ceramics. CMC scaled up to produce approximately 2 million AlN based packages per year.

Prior to his involvement with CMC Wireless Components, Dr. Harris held various positions in the advanced ceramics industry. These included: Technology Director for Carborundum Microelectronics (Phoenix, Arizona), Technical Leader of a Joint Technology Development Project between Carborundum Microelectronics and IBM Microelectronics (East Fishkill, NY) and Member of the Technical Staff at BP America (Cleveland, Ohio).

Dr. Harris received his doctorate in Solid State Physics from Brown University (Providence, RI) in 1983. He is the author of over 50 publications and book chapters and has 20 US Patents.

Erich Rubel
Director, Analytical Services

Erich has more than 20 years of experience working in Quality, R&D, and Failure Analysis laboratories serving both the Electronics and Aerospace industry. His educational and technical focus spans the fields of Chemistry, Metallurgy, and Materials Science. Erich gained extensive familiarity with advanced materials and processes while working at Honeywell, Inc. and later at CMC Wireless Components.  Erich currently manages the SEM and Metallurgical Laboratories at CMC Laboratories.

Rutilio Olivar
Senior Principle FA Engineer

Rutilio has more than 15 years working in Failure Analysis and R&D in the Aerospace, Medical, and Electronic industries. His background and broad experience in mechanical properties of materials across many industries, coupled with his background in various analytical techniques focused on metallurgy, provides his technical focus at CMC in the area of Micro-structural Analysis. Rutilio comes to CMC after 5 years in Medtronic’s well known Product Analysis Laboratory.

Rutilio received his BS in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University with his focus in advance materials and design.

Bruce Havens
Senior Chemist and Plating Engineer

Bruce has 37 years experience working in the Aerospace and Electronics Industries as a Process and/or Manufacturing Engineer with an emphasis on Plating and Chemical Processing. His work experience includes all facets of building rigid and flexible Printed Circuit Boards at companies such as Hughes Aircraft Company and Honeywell. Plating experience includes electroless copper, electroless nickel, electrolytic copper, nickel, tin-lead, rhodium and gold. At CMC, Bruce is the principle plating engineer, working on plating nickel, palladium and gold on silver and tungsten metalized ceramic circuits.

Bruce earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry in 1973.

Tom Nemecek
Failure Analysis Engineer

Tom Nemecek has extensive experience in the development of ceramic materials, including AlN based products. Tom was part of the original team that developed the AlN substrate process that led to more advanced multilayer packaging designs. Tom earned an M.S. in Solid State Physics at John Carroll University and has worked in material science related industries.

Rudy Enck, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Electrical & Thermal Analysis

Dr. Enck has had extensive experience in the measurement and development of electrical, electro-photographic, and thermal properties of advanced materials over the past 35 years. He has worked in the advanced packaging, medical, and electro-photographic industries. He has been a leader in the development of new measurement techniques that have addressed unsolved problems in these fields.

Dr. Enck is currently Principal Scientist, Electrical and Thermal Analysis, of CMC Laboratories, where he is responsible for electrical, thermal, and optical analyses. This work has included dielectric breakdown measurements, low frequency and microwave frequency dielectric characterization of packaging materials and devices, and thermal conductivity and thermal resistance measurement of packaging materials, devices, and thermal interface materials.

Prior to his involvement with CMC Laboratories, Dr. Enck held various positions in the advanced material and failure analysis industries. These included senior technical positions at Medtronic Failure Analysis Laboratory, Carborundum Microelectronics, BP America Research Laboratory, Xerox Research Laboratory, and IBM Research Laboratory. His focus in these positions has been development and characterization of new materials and devices, and development of new characterization techniques critical to material development.

Dr. Enck earned his doctorate from Syracuse University in 1967 in Physics, with a focus on optical and transport properties of semiconductors. He continued his semiconductor studies as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Purdue University.